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About Me

I have had a long standing interest in photography but became interested in the art of photography roughly a decade ago. My interest centers around the natural world, its beauty and variety and hope that I can promote an interest in maintaining that beauty and variety.

I generally head out into the Australian bush in my 4WD for several months each year, primarily looking for landscape and wildlife photographs. That is if I don't find an interesting opportunity overseas. I have so far been lucky enough to get to France a few times, Italy twice, England and Wales and Canada.

I send out an email once or twice a month to people who would like to subscribe to it. It is usually about photographs or photography, usually recent photos sometimes with some background on the photo(s). If you want to subscribe please email me at and I will add you to the list. If you change your mind then you can just reply to the next issue I send out and request to be removed from the list! You can of course send me an email any time you would like to discuss something.

On the road

Termite Mound 9193
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